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[mission cs_mission_section_title="Who we are" cs_call_action_title="Welcome to Nor Salama Cargo LLC" cs_title_color="#ffffff" cs_title_color="#ffffff" cs_mission_button_text="Contact Us" cs_mission_button_link="http://norsalala.com/contact-us" cs_mission_button_text_sec="About Us" cs_mission_button_link_sec="We understand cargo" cs_mission_bg_img="http://www.norsalama.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/09/Cargo-Containers-1.jpg" ]Nor Salama Cargo LLC is a well established company in Cargo freight services based out of Dubai We provide our clients with high standard services from door to door through direct access of the airport and customs computerized clearance systems, combined with skilled staff who ensure release of import and export cargo in the shortest time possible.[/mission]
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